Wednesday, September 26, 2007


OK, i missed a day. Who cares? Ayway, at least i'm covering the blog better thewn TR Did. =p


Sunday, September 23, 2007


Remeber that?

Or this?

Well, we still havn't had it! Yes, true as it is, the Contest still hasn't come! I'm still waiting, but TR's no lnoger planning it... Watch out... Hopfully it's coming soon!

New Layout!

Well, sorta. i've changed a few things Now I've taken over the KN Blog, but not a lot...


Knight-Nui Domain now takes you straight to the Forum! yay!!!! Thanks to KnightGhost


Revenge of the Blog

We haven't ahd many updates recntly, so I, Gibbon-Master, decided to keep you more Updated with Goings on. Here we go-a! I'll make sure we get stuff daily, even if there old & Stuff, or if there just related to me & the Team.