Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blastoise is Back! (Ssh...)

I won't say any more, or TR will throtle me if he notices, but TDB IS HAVING A THIRD SERIES AT SOMEPOINT THIS YEAR. Early this eyar, probaly. Expect it next month or so.


I've more-or-less covered everything recent. More soon that'll be exclusive and stuff. I'll try and sneak some stuff without TR noting, but it'll be hard...

TDC: Episode One

TDC: Episode Guide

Episode #1: Starters' Song (Grancko)
Episode #2: Electric Shocks (Grancko)
Episode #3: Searching far and Wide (Grancko)
Episode #4: Micro Machines (Toaroni)
Episode #5: TBA (Toaroni)
Episode #6: TBA (Gorrila-Master)
Episode #7: TBA (Grancko)
Episode #8: TBA (Toaroni)
Episode #9: TBA (TBA)
Episode #10: Meet your Maker (Grancko)
Episode #11: TBA (Grancko)

Toaroni would like to add that his title at the moment is complete irrelevent as a blog extra.

The Doomy Charizard Round-Up 1

In his own series, no less!

Well it was only a matter of time. Now that the Doomy Blastoise has become so popular with members, you could go as far as saying it's Knight-Nui's mascot, it was only a matter of time before one of the series' most mysterious and major charctears, Charizard, got examined more.

And the other enevitable thing? It was -surely- not long before a spin-off occured?

So put two and two together and you have six The Doomy Blastoises' first ever spin-off: The Doomy Charizard! The series will span ten episodes, in a simular format to The Doomy Blastoise, will be realised weekly on the KNTV YouTube channel.

The series is being made by Grancko, and will start next firday, and will continue from there. Previews & trailers can be expected to be launched shortly before the debut episode...

More info soon, from Grancko.


We can EXCLUSIVLY UNVEIL now the "Staff" behind Charizard, somewhat more exciting then that of The Doomy Blastoise has been so far...

Writer: Grancko
Director: Toaroni
Prodcuer: Grancko

This cna also link to a future announcment about the TDB universe, too... But stay tuned for updates on it, before it's debut on Friday!

Yet More!

After a quick problem with it, we can say that Charizard's debut miught be pushed back to Sataday (A base file has been wiped, wrecking the first episode just as it was nearing completion) and the "Roles" of the team have been altered:

Writer: Grancko
Director: Grancko/Toaroni
Prodcuer: Toaroni

We can also unveil that the series will comprise of 11 Episodes, as opposed to 10, and 2.5 of these will be written and directed by Toaroni, creator, director, writter, etc of The Doomy Blastoise!

Old News

Charizard is starting TONIGHT. See the channel at 5:00 for Charizard's debut...

New News


Grancko's gone and realised it see the topic!

Newer New News

Charizard Doubles Up!

OK, so you've wtahced the debut of The Doomy Charizard by now, right? Well in a couple of days time you'll be able to watch the second episode! No, by "Couple" We don't mean seven, we mean three!

Yes, Charizard's first series is gonig for Blastoise's first series set up of Two a week, one on Monday, one on Friday! So Charizard's next battle will be here on the Monday. There's somthing else to be said...


KN Needs YOU!

We Need YOU!

OK then. We'll say it. Knight-Nui will be having a breif re-design near the beginging of May, along with launching the new Knight-Nui website. But as exciting as the new site is, we want to improve the Forum too. So we would like to knwo fi there's anythnig our members would like- Somethings are already plotted out, and others are maybes, but we're willnig to throw a few ideas from you guys in to the mix, so get posting, sugesting, and keep tuned- We'll be announcing which we'll be using soon!

The link above is A). Where it comes from B). Where you should post stuff.


I've missed a bit. It's getting hectic, but I recon I'll try and hint some stuff now...