Thursday, October 2, 2008

Opinon: Sin & Punishment 2 Is Coming!!

Many a time in history, I've wanted Nintendo or a simular company to make a game, or whatever product, and they haven't done so. I wanted an Internet Browser built into the next "Edition" of the DS, I wanted Punch Out!! Wii confirmed at E3, and I wanted to see a new Mario RPG on DS, following on from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time last year. In the end, none of these came. Until today.

See, Nintendo's Press Confrence '08 brought my dreams to life, but my highlight of he confrence was something that I didn't think of: Something I wasn't expecting, or dreaming of 5 minutes before E3.: Sin & Punishment 2.

The first game was an N64 Game, only ever realised in Japan, largley due to the timing as it appeared in the end of the console's lifespan. Untill recently when Nintendo of Europe (Who we infamously hate here at KN) decided it'd make an awsome addition to the Virtual Console libary, and so began the Hanabli Festival, seeing that games that didn't see the light of day in Europe finaly came out, and then hero Saki got a place in history outside The Land Of The Rising Sun and Importer's Hearts.

Having rushed to buy Wii Points soon as it was out, I played it rather far, eventualy temperoly deleting it because of space reasons. However, today I sat through the painfully long loading times of re-downloading a game, and LOVED IT. Basicly, it's a 3D On-Rails Shooter, where you shoot at robots a lot, but it always remains fresh and new. Oh, and challenging.

This fact that it's developed by Treassure (Looks like this was there "Mysterious Wii Project") means one thing: (Well, two) It's be hard as nails, yet extermely good. There's no doubting Treassure, they never let anyone down.

Punch Out!! may be good, (No, more then that, brilliant) but Sin & Punishments sits closley at the top of my "Most Anticipated" list.

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