Sunday, September 21, 2008

Countdown: Sarah-Jane Series Two!

Sooo... Torchwood' s second series was over in April. Doctor Who's forth series began the day after. Since it ended in July (At the top of the TV UK Rating Charts for the first time ever in Doctor Who History, no less.) we've had nothing to watch at all. We're still waiting for the SJA 1 and DW 4 Boxsets. (And then the cut roudn the edges on the Torchwood 2 one, as if it wasn't enough) But aremd with the DVD versions of the First Three series we put up with the afct that we'd be waiting, and ragged on through the year. Yet, just as the BBC realsies that Who head writer Russel T. Davis calls "The first proper rival to Doctor Who", Merlin, CBBC are planning to launch a bigger and better series as two weeks after: Series Two of The Sarah-Jane Adventures.

Begining with what could easily be the series' biggest story to date -The Last Sontaran- this is promising to be the best series yet, and possibly the greatest Spin-Off Doctor Who has ever had. The epicness knows no bounds, as we see a Fifty-Year-Old Woman fighting entire epires of Sontarans, (Or at least their spectacular battle fleet ship from Doctor Who's The Sontaran Stratogem) and the exit of the beloved Maria Jackson, so that actress Yasmin Page can do her GCSEs.

Possible spoielrs may be in this paragraph, but a recent trailer stars Maria saying "It's me... Or the Earth!". So will she be biting the dust later in Episode Two? I doubt it, personaly, as they couldn't bring themself to kill a major character in Doctor Who, (With a couple of exceptions, such as Adric, Harriet Jones, The Master and The Doctor himself) and even the darkest Torchwood scripts have them come back to life next episode. (Although Owen & Tosh did end up being finished off in Exit Wound, the series two finale) That, and Digital Spy have claimed that "2.2 Is not the last you see of her this series"...

Very exciting then. As this is posted, it's 8 days to go. I'll update the blog with more and more articles on SJA 2, and then no the actualy date -29th September, everybody! TWENTY-NINTH OF SEPTEMBER!!- KN will have a review of the first episode on the day of broadcast, plus mroe stuff. And then this will continue right through the running time, untill the series ends in December, and Doctor Who comes back on Christmas day.

Ahh... Life as it should be... Hang on, what do you mean there's no Doctor Who series in 2009?

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