Monday, October 20, 2008

Opinon: State of Play: DS RPGs

Having reviewed Sonic's first RPG, the DS' own Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, it left me with an odd taste in my mouth: When I reviewed the game, I hadn't quite finished it, but now I'm literaly at the tail end of the game, (Just the last boss to go, peeps!) it leaves me a question: What Next?

Sure, there's a sequal, but it's not realy what I'm after. The Sonic Role-Playing-Game idea was fun, afterall, and I've actualy enjoyed it more than it's DS rival, Mario & Luigi: Parnters In Time, but even a third game in that series leave a gap unpluged in my RPG diet. I can't actualy figure out what it is. TWEWY seems to of filled it, but sureley's there's somethnig else...?

Sigma Harmonics looks very promising, but that's about two years off. It's my most-anticipated DS game, coming largley from the same teams as The World Ends With You and Chrono Trigger. Actualy, while writing that sentance, it hit me that Chrono Trigger DS is comnig out next month in the US/early next year over here, and maybe THAT could fill the gap? Somehow, I doubt it. Final Fantasy IV is also out now, so it looks like untill I find a way to get back into Contact, it's back down to the shops for one more Square-Enix DS Epic.

I'll recomend Contact while I'm at this DS RPG "Spree" on the KN blog, mind. A Grasshopper-developed Handheld RPG? Sounds good already. It's only £10 in Gamestation, UK Readers, and it's worth it if only for the moment where hero (Ish. The plot with the whole "Characters" thing is complex) Terry ends up in an Airforce training ground. Seriously, it's superb

Oh! But I guess it's time to go. Sonic Chronicles' last boss is waiting: And we can't have that!

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