Monday, December 8, 2008

Wii Is 2!

Wii is 2!!

The Wii is the leading forcing gaming right now. With Nintendo totally leading the market with sales, and everyone else trying to catch up, Microsoft are despratly trying to catch up, and Sony are attempting to rip Ninty off every more and more. (Natch)

And so Nintendo thought ti might be a good time to take a holidayn in Q3 and Q4 of 2008. Having been very strong and forth-going in Q2 and Q3, what with Super Smash Bros Brawl (One of the best games ever made by any company. Ever.) and Mario Kart Wii (The best online game on the format, plus one of the ebst this genneration.), plus btis ‘n’ bobs like No More Heroes, Zack & Wiki, and Boom Blox being squidged out from third parties.

And yet, after Brawl’s very late realise in Europe (27th June 2008. No, we didn’t look that up. We know it by heart. Mario Galaxy came out 16th Novmember 2007, and Mario Kart was 11th April 2008. We wish we weren’t as bright/sad.) Nintendo somewhat dropped their game, starting with E3.

Many people said Nintendo’s E3 performance was very poor this year, and while we personaly found their Wii Music demonstartion absolutely brilliant, it was somewhat lacking, with the only real new titles coming in the form of Animal Crossing’s latest port (Even if we loved it- Our full review is coming Friday.) and a sequal to the game that won Nintendo this free year off work: Wii Sports.

OK, there was also Wii Speak (Wii Voice Chat! At Last! Tell us there’s updates on Mario Kart and Smash Bros. already!!) and MotionPlus, which will be realised next year. Like the rest of Nintendo’s best game, such as Pikmin and Sin & Punishment, as confirmed at their fall confrence: Nintendo’s highlight of the year.

However, if there was one thing that ‘Saved’ the Wii’s second year, it’s that WiiWare is the ebst Online Downlaod Service In The World™. Begining with the brilliant launch lnie-up including Doctor Mario, Final Fantasy and LostWinds, and continuing with the likes of Bobmerman Blast, Tetris Party and the hilarious Strong Bad games (“Was there a secret time in Earth’s history when the world was ruled by hobos?”), but most of these where third-party titles, as this year was finaly when -No matter what Reggie Fils-Aimes says- third parties finaly “Got it.”

Thankfully then, 2009 loosk set to be better. We’ve got a full-on feature on that set to go up tomorrow, but untill then, continue to remember the basic facts of life: Zelda: Twilight Princess was a launch title. It’s one of the ebst games ever. Super Mario Galaxy was even better, and two of our editors here at KN belvie it to eb the single-greatest game of all-time. Super Smash Bros. Brawl? The greatest multi-player game ever made, with a fine amount of content for single-player.

Say what you like about Nintendo in 2008, just one entry in the “Top #15 Games Of All-Time List” should be a massive acheivment. Having one every single bloomin’ year on top of the top spot is the single greatest achivement any company can make.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Character War: The Survivors Speak Out! (Part Three)

Another part (At last!) of the speaches and stuff from survivors of the Character War. There are now less, with 9 untestifed contentants left, so there's 5 in this one, with only 4 in the next one, later tonight.


"Hey Kids! It's me! The one who was awosme in the late 80's and early 90s! Yeah, I suck now, but who cares? Sonic Unleahsed is the ebst of my 3D games, and that's new, so I should be a good memory! keep me here, guys! I'm also good in Brawl."


Kirby is unfortuantly only a baby, acording to Sakauri himself. (Even if they also state he's over 1000.) He's not yet able to speak properly. So we'll have his 'Friend' Metaknight talknig about his performance so far and chances of survival.

"Kirby is a master of many things at an early age, he just does not know how to use his mastery: In every possible way." He begins. "His enhaling ability means he has an edge over everyone else." King Dedede then chips in. "Hey, and he looks like a giant pink marshmellow, so everyone loves him!"


Oh heck. What do we do here? Yoshi can say very little that isn't "Yoshi!". Same problem with Mudkip comnig up. And the "Say Nothing" joke has been done to hell, so we'll just ignore this one and Mudkip, and comment on his ourselves.

Yoshi's KN Editor TR's all-time favorate game character. So he could easily win... Yoshi! Yoshi!


"I'ma going to wina---AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!"

And that everyone, is what happens when the average person sees Gibbon for the first time. Although Luigi's a bit of a scardey cat, he's been flung in a fair few haunted houses, so we reccon his reaction is a bit of an undertsatment.


\/\/3 |-|3|^|) |_| |_13|( /\/\|_||)|(19Z.

We'll be back later!

New Site Countdown #1

The blog will have a fair few less exclusives when the new site launches, but all the same: it won't be dead. So we can look forward to it. Out 12/12/08.

One new feature is the video player. They'll be lots of new videos & stuff. We won't spoil it all, but these kinda regular updates will explain more...