Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Opinon: Sorry, When Did The World End?

"The World Ends With You 18th April" said CVG in one headline in Febuary, stating the news that the launch date for Square-Enix's latest game had just been realised. Yet, I'm waiting now, and it's yet to happen. No, we're not hoping that the LHC Experiment will go wrong, (Although, personaly, I am) but for myself to stop playing The World Ends With You.

I won't beat around the bush here: I reviewed TWEWY in April and awarded it an amazing 96%, and , y' know what? Now I think i've under-rated it. Since, thankfully, KN runs on a unqiue (I belive) system where we will update a score after 3 Months if necesery, I was able to bump the score up 1%... But it still dosn't feel right.

For a game that's kept me ammused for severla months straight and I still see no signs of me growing bored of it, and the flaws I'm finding are minimum, and I've still got plenty of depth to go through in the game, it is genuinly rare to find a game where you clock up 175 Hours of Play Time and there's still somthing to surpise you, let alone on a handheld.

The main plot was definatly the highlight, but it didn't stop at the "Ending". I'm still to unlock the bonus ending after collecting all the Secret Reports, and can't wait to see the final bit of the TWEWY story.

Straight afdter buying it and playing it for the first time, there was a post somewhat simular to this I left on the KN IGN Blog. But then I didn't see it's poential. I was, oooh, one hour in. Now I'm over one hundred times that far in, and still love it.

This may seem mad, but for me this is The Game Of The Year.

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