Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Opinon: Sorry, When Did The World End?

"The World Ends With You 18th April" said CVG in one headline in Febuary, stating the news that the launch date for Square-Enix's latest game had just been realised. Yet, I'm waiting now, and it's yet to happen. No, we're not hoping that the LHC Experiment will go wrong, (Although, personaly, I am) but for myself to stop playing The World Ends With You.

I won't beat around the bush here: I reviewed TWEWY in April and awarded it an amazing 96%, and , y' know what? Now I think i've under-rated it. Since, thankfully, KN runs on a unqiue (I belive) system where we will update a score after 3 Months if necesery, I was able to bump the score up 1%... But it still dosn't feel right.

For a game that's kept me ammused for severla months straight and I still see no signs of me growing bored of it, and the flaws I'm finding are minimum, and I've still got plenty of depth to go through in the game, it is genuinly rare to find a game where you clock up 175 Hours of Play Time and there's still somthing to surpise you, let alone on a handheld.

The main plot was definatly the highlight, but it didn't stop at the "Ending". I'm still to unlock the bonus ending after collecting all the Secret Reports, and can't wait to see the final bit of the TWEWY story.

Straight afdter buying it and playing it for the first time, there was a post somewhat simular to this I left on the KN IGN Blog. But then I didn't see it's poential. I was, oooh, one hour in. Now I'm over one hundred times that far in, and still love it.

This may seem mad, but for me this is The Game Of The Year.

The KN Facts 'n' Figures Report!

KN Statistics, records and more.

I had a random thought earlier this week, and then got bored today. The result? The First-Ever Knight-Nui FNF Report! Fileld with all the useless facts about Knight-Nui you need to know... And then some. And then, just to top it off, you realise you've only read the first bit. Or somthing. But, basicly, here's some KN Records & Stuff...



-The most members that have ever joined in one day is 4. This occured on July 11th 2006, (Our opening day) May 27th 2007 and then July 4th & 30th 2008.

-The member with the msot posts is Toaroni (Duh) with 14,366 Posts as this is posted.

-There are 17 Members who have broken the 100 Posts Barrier.

-A further 5 have made 1000 Posts.

-Just one member has past 10,000 Posts, but a second is on their way.

-All thanks to Spam Bots who havn't been validated/have been banned, there are 6 pages on the "Top ten posters" Member's list which are blank.

-Ignoring them, Nazo is the member with the least posts officialy.

-Fourty-Six members have no posts...GET POSTING YOU LAZY LUMPS!


-There are 4028 Topics on the Forum.

-April 16th 2007 was the day with the most new topics made, as a whopping 74 New Topcis where created.

-The Top Three Longest Topics are 1). Super Smash Bros Brawl in the Nintendo section, 2). Doctor Who Episode Countdown in the Who section and 3). Count To 1000, with 1356, 1033 and 814 Posts respectivly.

Forum Sections

-The Forum with the most views is the Forum Games section, with an amazing 12360 Count of times the forums been looked at. This is followed by 10192 in Genneral Discussion and 10012 in Nintendo. KN News comes after this, having more then 9000.

-Games also trumps the "Most posts" catagory, with 4457 Replies to date. However, thsi award could go to Genneral Discussion, as it's realy only a sub-catagory under it.

-The least on he other hand goes to the "'09 Spechials/Series Five" section in the Doctor Who bits. GET POSTING, KIDS.

-The "Most Topics" record goes to Gaming News, with a massive 997, and then there's more than three News Stories today to report...

Personal messages

-If the "How many PMs do you Have?" topic is to be trusted, then the member with the most PMs (Personal Messages, not Prime Ministers, that is) is Toaroni who, in a new update from the previous record, now has 576 PMs.

-Feb. 12 2008 saw 53 PMs fly into Cyber-Space, while April 5th 2007 had one more get sent, witha grand total of 54. Intrestingly, three days previous was only two off matching the record of it's Two-Day-Later Brother.


-Currently, KNTV has exactly double the amount of Subcribers as Friends.

-206 Videos are currently uplaoded on KNTV.

-No member of staff is bothered to count how many where actualy made by one member of staff or another.

-The largest series is The Doomy Blastoise, spanning 31 Episodes, Four trailers and two spin-offs.

-Smash Bros. Brawl is the Non-KN "Thing" with the most videos, and that's followed by Disaster: Day of Crisis. No one knows how that happned.

-The Two most popular videos on KNTV are the LEGO Music Video and the Doctor Who clip "Are You My Mummy?" from The Poison Sky. These trump both the most-viewed and most-dsicussed catagories. The LEGO Music Video has 48,397 Views right now, and 46 Comments, while the good doctor swung 2,716 Viewers to watch his clip, and had 22 of them comment on it.

-Both videos also have an average rating of 5/5. LMV has 74 Ratings, while AYMM has 7. Quite a diffrence, there.

-Roughly 67% of all KN Videos aren't rated.

-TR just made that up/figured that out on the spot.


Hope you enjoyed that. We'll have another version up soon, along with the "Mentionable Achivments..." bit. For now, enjoy the stats 'n' stuff!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

KNTV One Year Aniversary

Taken From KN News

Sooo... Knight-Nui Television was launched one year ago on the 22nd September. It's a major event, and sicne the original launch, 181 Videos have been uploaded, and over 100 Pieces of Original Content have been realise so far, including four totaly original series and then some "Parodies Videos" and stuff as well.

KNTV was original created on the 16th September in PM Conversations between Toaroni and Knightghost with input from Grancko and Gibbon, and has sicne flourished. The fact that one new series was launched on Wednesday (Or Thursday, preior to the delay) and then there's a brand-spanking-new episode of KNTV's Flagship Show, The Doomy Blastoise, (Which is now in it's third season) premiering later today is the proof in the pudding, KNTV Is still going strong.

The current most popular video remains the LEGO Music Video, (And there's a new annoucnment to be amde soon o that front...) with, as this is posted, 45,099 Views and 43 Comments.

With more stuff to come soon, too- A Gorrila written-and-directed (Plus input from a certain Toaroni) Batman movie, Gibbon's massivly ambitious for such a small studio Altenrate Option, and then a fourht series of The Doomy Blastoise and another new show, Illusion covering Dave Jone's adventures in the world's worst Detective Agency.

On top of all that, there's much more too be comfirmed. And maybe the third episode of Smash Saga may be realised at some point...

But to celebrate such a big event, something is being done, right? Well, correct. So there's going to be at least Three Videoes being uploaded over the corse of the next 9 Days, which should mean that the video count will make it to The Big 200 by Thursday...

All this is kicking off with the next episode of The Doomy Blastoise at sometime between 4:15 and 5:00, and then there's the second adventure in Pichu: Hit & Run and maybe even the legendary Third Episode of Smash Saga!

Keep an eye out. Lots of cool stuff headed your way.


Countdown: Sarah-Jane Series Two!

Sooo... Torchwood' s second series was over in April. Doctor Who's forth series began the day after. Since it ended in July (At the top of the TV UK Rating Charts for the first time ever in Doctor Who History, no less.) we've had nothing to watch at all. We're still waiting for the SJA 1 and DW 4 Boxsets. (And then the cut roudn the edges on the Torchwood 2 one, as if it wasn't enough) But aremd with the DVD versions of the First Three series we put up with the afct that we'd be waiting, and ragged on through the year. Yet, just as the BBC realsies that Who head writer Russel T. Davis calls "The first proper rival to Doctor Who", Merlin, CBBC are planning to launch a bigger and better series as two weeks after: Series Two of The Sarah-Jane Adventures.

Begining with what could easily be the series' biggest story to date -The Last Sontaran- this is promising to be the best series yet, and possibly the greatest Spin-Off Doctor Who has ever had. The epicness knows no bounds, as we see a Fifty-Year-Old Woman fighting entire epires of Sontarans, (Or at least their spectacular battle fleet ship from Doctor Who's The Sontaran Stratogem) and the exit of the beloved Maria Jackson, so that actress Yasmin Page can do her GCSEs.

Possible spoielrs may be in this paragraph, but a recent trailer stars Maria saying "It's me... Or the Earth!". So will she be biting the dust later in Episode Two? I doubt it, personaly, as they couldn't bring themself to kill a major character in Doctor Who, (With a couple of exceptions, such as Adric, Harriet Jones, The Master and The Doctor himself) and even the darkest Torchwood scripts have them come back to life next episode. (Although Owen & Tosh did end up being finished off in Exit Wound, the series two finale) That, and Digital Spy have claimed that "2.2 Is not the last you see of her this series"...

Very exciting then. As this is posted, it's 8 days to go. I'll update the blog with more and more articles on SJA 2, and then no the actualy date -29th September, everybody! TWENTY-NINTH OF SEPTEMBER!!- KN will have a review of the first episode on the day of broadcast, plus mroe stuff. And then this will continue right through the running time, untill the series ends in December, and Doctor Who comes back on Christmas day.

Ahh... Life as it should be... Hang on, what do you mean there's no Doctor Who series in 2009?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Price Isn't Right. (But We Are)

OPINON/ARTCILE: By Gibbon-Master

It's funny to look at the current state of games these days, what with Carnival Games receving 93% in The Sun,* (Same score as NGamer gave Brawl, another controversal game score, but for entirely diffrent reasons) yet under 30% in more credible reviews, and selling like hot cakes, and leaving us to watch as our reviews of things like Zack & Wiki, Okami and The World Ends With You (94%, 96% and 97% respectivley) sell no one anything. Is that how far we've come these days, that people don't actualy care if they're buying somthing good?

A couple of years back, Goldeneye and Super Mario 64 where selling very well. Because they where great. These days, it seems that Big Beach Sports and Games Party are selling... Because they're bad.

This can end up boiling down to one simple, cold-hearted plee: Listen to reviews. Tell you friends to listen to reviews. Yes, thoughs games are cheaper, but things like NiGHTS and Guilty Gear can be found for under £10. Don't look at the rpice. Walk into a shop with a clear vision of what you're buying in your head. Don't have enough for a copy of Okami? Either pick up that Metroid Prime 3 Disc gathering dust on the shelves, which recieved a rather healthy 95% from us and many have rated it even high, or just don't buy anythig there at all. Simple as that: Know the games you after. And buy them.

*We would like to note that no one here at KN actualy reads that rubbish in The Sun. Except online for Doctor Who stuff. Like how Albert Einstine was onboard the Titanic last Christmas.