Sunday, August 24, 2008

Virtual Reality


So then, that's Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Out now in Europe, for the first time. Ever. It's only been out in Japan for 20-Odd Years. But why stop there? Mother was never realised in Europe, and that's one of the greatest RPGs ever made, (Ask Gorrila.) Bangai-O didn't come out over here, (There's a new DS Version, but that's WAAAAAAY to hard. Even for Bangai-O.) and even then, who said it had to be Hanabi Festive (AKA Ninty Europe's Grand Import Dance Celebration) Games? There's till the likes of Super Mario Kart, Starwing and most of the N64 Back cataloge are yet to be realised in Europe.

Frankly, it makes it seem like Nintendo's skimming over when I come to think about it. One VC game a week? Some weeks without any? Hardly any Nintendo first-party games at all? Frankly, somthing needs to be done about the state of this, and now.

So I decided I might as well make a "Top #5" list, because the world needs more of them...

1). Earthbound/Any Mother Game
2). Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
3). Super Mario Kart
4). Super Smash Bros.
5). Starwings

Even then, I had to cut all Rare titles, all lcienses, (Even though only Goldeneye would get anywhere near) and pretty much all of Square-Enix's games. (Mario RPG was 900 Points in Japan as well, due to licensing issues from Square.) Shame, as I've never played Secret of Mana, and am desperate to do so without spending tons of a SNES and the Cartidge.

So: I conclude. Nintendo needs to do somthing. Sure, it's cataloge is fine now, what with all the Mario, Zelda, Metroid and more avalible now, but there's still somthing missing. Namley: A kid in a cap named Ness.

-TR, KN Editor & Admin

Friday, August 22, 2008


Now we'd like to annoucne somthing fairly major for the KN Blog- No lnog er will it only be the "Knight-Nui Blog", but also the "Knight-Nui Staff Blog". Not only will the staff still be posting the latest Kn News, plus they'll now be posting your somewhat mroe Common-Or-Garden Blog Entries, ranging from quick "Opinon Pieces" to views into things related to KN, Gaming, LEGo Or Doctor Who.

You'll now also be seeing at least one of these a week, as a new one will go out every Friday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GC Countdown #2

More for our Last-Minute Games Covention Countdown, then, as Gibbon takes a look at what he wants to see on Wii from SEGA tommorow...

Gibbon: Jet Set Radio
Welcome to Shibuya, home of TR's Fav., The World Ends With You, and the my favorate Third-Party gmae of all-time: Jet Set Radio.

Also known as Jet Grind Radio, basicly, it saw you doing stuff. Erm, that's not a very good description, and Sega have said that their "Secret Game is NOT Jet Grind Radio", but anyway. This would be perfect with Wii Controls, and all graffiting would also work very well. Basicly: Sega, if you're reading this, produce one more rubbish movie Tie-In or Sonic Spin-Off insted of this, and I'll come round to your house and shoot EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU dead. Remeber that next time you confirm a game, and think of me....

GC Countdown #1

OK, it's not the E3 Countdown, but we felt we should at least do SOMETHING for GC. So begins our dreams of SEGA'S "Big" Wii Game (Although it's pretty much confirmed as House of the Dead: Overkill)

TR: Sonic

Well, he's been a bit off-form, but here's what I dream SEGA are planning: Black Knight is gonig to be scrapped, with a different sequal for The Secret Rings is comnig out insted, with more of the same, but FAR more of the same. Plus the Mini-Games are of a Monkey Ball quality, and there's some lovely 2D Co-Op (Sonic & either Blaze or Tails. Maybe Knuckles. No one else) Side-Scrollnig levels, neatly fitted in with the normal gamesplay, a la Super Mario Galaxy... And we could have the game of whatever year it comes out. Just leave out everyone but Sonic, Robotnic (And call him that, not "Eggman") and Tails (Plus Blaze- She's good enough, I supose) ans Sega, man, are you onto a Winner.