Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GC Countdown #1

OK, it's not the E3 Countdown, but we felt we should at least do SOMETHING for GC. So begins our dreams of SEGA'S "Big" Wii Game (Although it's pretty much confirmed as House of the Dead: Overkill)

TR: Sonic

Well, he's been a bit off-form, but here's what I dream SEGA are planning: Black Knight is gonig to be scrapped, with a different sequal for The Secret Rings is comnig out insted, with more of the same, but FAR more of the same. Plus the Mini-Games are of a Monkey Ball quality, and there's some lovely 2D Co-Op (Sonic & either Blaze or Tails. Maybe Knuckles. No one else) Side-Scrollnig levels, neatly fitted in with the normal gamesplay, a la Super Mario Galaxy... And we could have the game of whatever year it comes out. Just leave out everyone but Sonic, Robotnic (And call him that, not "Eggman") and Tails (Plus Blaze- She's good enough, I supose) ans Sega, man, are you onto a Winner.

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