Saturday, October 18, 2008

Opinon: Year In, Year Out

FIFA ‘09 was realised on the 3rd October 2008. And, as a result, everyone buys it, and we wouldn’t be remotely surpised if it gets to the top of the 2009 sales charts in Britan, just as it did last year.

HOLD IT! Didn’t we say that it got the top of the charts “Last Year”, despite being realised in “2008”? Well… It was, only you’d more commonly know it as FIFA ‘08. Because the differences are little-to-none, as with every FIFA game. Every year, they promise “Revolutionary new engines” and “Amazing next-gen graphics and physics”. Every year they fail. Yet EA’s football game isn’t the only one guilty of this, oh no…

Activision and EA are quicker and quicker growing to be bigger and bigger evil corporations. Sure, EA realsies the likes of MySims and stuff which are actualy great fun, but compare that to the amount of games they re-realsie Every. Single. Year. Not to mention Activision’s merger with Blizzard, allowing them to also squeeze extra money in from Vivendi’s products.

FIFA, NBA, Tiger Woods, Need For Speed, Madden NFL, Smackdown, James Bond, Sim City, Medal of Honor, NHL, Boogie, and then the thankfully axed ones like Rugby, Cricket, Baseball and so on…

But -Frankly- The question we need to ask is DO WE NEED ALL THESE GAMES? Well, we’r enot complaining, but it seems as soon as you’ve spent fourty of your well-earned pounds, walked home and are just untieing your shoe lases, another FIFA game is realised. Sure, we’re using FIFA as the only example, but look at the current state of gaming in the UK. A certain member of the team happens to know someone who owns 12 FIFA games, that’s FIFA ‘02-’09, with the three streets, and ‘08 on both 360 and PS2.

And, frankly, that’s what sums it up. The person in question owns next to no other games. Realising a new FIFA game every year without fail and without much change should eb classed a a crime. Sure, Pro Evo’s not exactly evolving every single year, but Komani can hide behind their brilliant Gameplay, EA can’t.

Activision on the other hand… Their just lazy. Sure, we probably couldn’t programme a game year on year with time to rush out other ports and movie tie-ins, it’s still not exactly a good way to get a thumbs up from us.

We won’t beat around the bush here. At least Data Design are trying.

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