Sunday, January 6, 2008

Doomy Blastoise is Back!

He's back!

After an 8-Episode Series and a Christmas spechial, we can announce that the Doomy Blastoise is back, with an all-new series comnig out!

Every Saturday (Starting today) an all-new Doomy Blastoise will arive on our YouTube Channel and on the Forum, and best of all: This series is even longer!

It'll have a grand total of 15 Episode (With Numbers Continuing from Series One, mind) and they'll be slightly longer then the average 30-ish Seconds of the previous ones.

First one will be up later today, along with a batch of trailers, Wii Play's and Other stuff comnig today!

The following Partys arel on for you all to enjoy:

New year Party

Grancko's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Grancko!

Happy Birthday Grancko!

Our Administrator, Grancko, has somewhat of a very spechial celebration today, beyond all thoughs coninuing for the New Year! It's his birthday! Happy Birthday Grancko, have a nice one!

Happy New Year!


Hope you have a Brilliant New Year! And you definalty will if you stick with Knight-Nui, we've got an absolute ton of stuff lined up for you all!

The Teams' been to Hogmanay -The world's biggest New Year Celebration- and will soon be brining you a report from it!

Also, we've been playing more and more games to death, so you can trust us to bring you the latest news, reviews and more!

Other stufff? Yep! Including one espechialy exciting thng to be unveiled shortly....

Oh, and another announcment to be made today...