Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nice to meet you Rose Tyler... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

OK, that quote was random, but I'm now officaly on the run from TR for trying to sneak out secret millitery, sorry, Knight-Nui Info. So it probaly still won't stop, but I'll be cutting back now...


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thoughs New Site Screens...

I recon I can't do 'em, so insted, how about a nice cup of tea? I may actualy get 'em soon, but in the meantime, as I said, let's have a Cuppa.

A Quick Exclusive


Since No One will read this (TR or Grancko included) I'll give anyone who DOES read it (i.e. No one) a quick Exclusive look at some Plans from TR's Mind:


Yep: He's plannng Two All-New (Ish) Contests to test everyones skill and stuff! What are they? Well one is a PM Turnement Thingy, no sure how It'll work, but he's been nattering on about it for around and hour now, and then there's bound to be another Post-A-Thon, and then somthnig else? Well I can't say as he's gonig to find out in the end and hammer my ears off if I do say it.

I'm probaly in enough trouble as it is.





You strapped in? Good. I'll begin shortly...

Hey! YOU!


Well, to make more people check this Blog: I'll go against TR's Will and start postig new Pics of the new site. Ha!

Erm, Sorry...

Sorry I havn't been here for a while... Whoops.