Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Opinon: The UK's Top #10 Characters

Sonic. That's who the UK voted their favorate game character of all time. Sonic. The. Hedgehog. Not Mario as would of been expected, (He won Gamesmasters poll earlier this year, with Sonic in second and Link in third, afterall) but SONIC. A character who has been rather off-form latley. Sure, Chronicles, Secret Rings and the Rush games where good, but nothing on the likes of Super Mario Galaxy. Other followers to the hedgehog's crown? Lara Croft only got there because of her body shape, and the size of her "Assets" which is sad to say she's on a far better form now gameplay-wise than Sonic, even if Tomb Raider Annviersary left me tearing my hair out.

Ol' DK follows. Why? It's pretty mcuh sumemd up ni the scene from The Simpsons where he throws the barrell at someone's heard after they tell him "You suck!". A passer-by's opinon? "Hey, he's still got it!". But the even better example of this is Number Five: Pac-Man. He's even more dodgey then Sonic these days, (Pac-Pix was his best agme of recent days, if only because it isn't a rehash or badly-made game. And that was back in 2005.) but it's nostalgia that lives on in everybody's hearts. Sonic 2 is one of the ebst 2D platformers ever, (Only matched by Super Mairo World, infact) and Pac-Man's status as a household name and a bonda-fide classic is what assured it a place here.

I think it's about hime, half way through my opinons/judgement on the list, to say what MY Top #10 would be, where it up to me. Who are my favorate #10 characters of all-time? Watch and you will learn.

#01: Yoshi
#02: Luigi (Well, Mario, but Luigi>Mario anyday)
#03: Link
#04: Neku Sakuraba
#05: Sonic The Hedgehog
#06: Captain Falcon
#07: Sho Minamoto
#08: Mudkip (And Snorlax/Munchlax)
#09: Lumas (By Extension, Rosalina) (Super Mario Galaxy)
#10: Donkey Kong

No doubt there's a couple of choices that everyone will be thinknig "What the heck?" about, but all the same, they're my opinons. Many will certainly disagree with my Luigi>Mario, and putting one TWEWY character in, let alone two, and one of them is even in the Top #5. A). I think that Neku & Pi Face deserves it, and B). This is the opinon of one person.

But this survey was of lots of peeps, and is suposedly the officialy "Thing" run by the London Games Festival. And so, I heave back to my slog through the results. But nto before shwonig everyone Sega's way of celebrating the fact that they are finaly the victors over Mario...

Let's be glad they don't have that happen too often, then...

Oh, hang on, it's just Chunky promoting his new Tidey TV/KNTV collaberation.

So: Back to the official list, and we've just stumbled across Link. He was #3 in my list, and double that in the official one. (I'll call drop the quoteatino makrs in "Official" from now) The hero of Zelda is one of the best characters ever, no matter what incarnation he's in. The "Toon" form is my favorate, but it could be "Adult" Link, Young Link or any toehr Link at any other time of the day. Basicly, though, Link is an amazing character, even if he's yet to learn to speak.

But next up? Max Paine. How the heck did he squeeze his way into the list? His games are usualy bellow-par, just as the new film, but that's probaly what got him all his votes, all the same. An unworthy chocie, great british public. Just as Pikachu. Sure, he's the face of Pokémon, but I had a far mroe awsome Pokémon at the same spot in my list. (It was a coinicdence) Pikachu's an idiot. It's about time another 'Mon took the role as lead. Say, Lucario? Or better yet, Mudkip & Snorlax's tag-team.

Ah, but the best bit of the list? Niko Belic from Grand Theft Auto IV. Sure, ti's new, and, sure, many peopel love it, but form what I've seena dn played, Niko is a moron, and definatly not the sort of character you'd bring home to meet your folks. OK, this is a bit of a rant from me, even being a gamer, I'm still not exactly a GTA fan. I recon many peopel have "Got" that already, so there we go. I'll leave Niko there, even though a simualy-named character would have been a better choice. Hint: Replace the 'I' with a 'E' and the 'O' with a 'U'...

Blanka's the last entery on the list. Blanka? What the heck? She's a more-or-less unheard of Street Fighter, um, fighter. ANYONE would of been better than her. Who chose her anyway? Did they only ask 10 people?

To conclude this, I'll say what i think "By rights" should of been the list. Well, I'll do the Top #5, anyway...

#1: Mario
#2: Sonic
#3: Link
#4: Lara Croft
#5: Donkey Kong

Those are game characters who have genuinly made an impact on the world. While Pac-Man could of taken Number #5, Donkey Kong is still going strong, as the likes of DK Jungle Climber and more prove. Lara Croft's taken the world by storm, and despite a dip in quality control about 7 years ago, Legend, Annviersary and the upcomnig Underworld prove she's back on top. And Sonic's worthy of anything in the top five but Nubmer One. Only one character is allowed that: Super Mario.

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