Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Price Isn't Right. (But We Are)

OPINON/ARTCILE: By Gibbon-Master

It's funny to look at the current state of games these days, what with Carnival Games receving 93% in The Sun,* (Same score as NGamer gave Brawl, another controversal game score, but for entirely diffrent reasons) yet under 30% in more credible reviews, and selling like hot cakes, and leaving us to watch as our reviews of things like Zack & Wiki, Okami and The World Ends With You (94%, 96% and 97% respectivley) sell no one anything. Is that how far we've come these days, that people don't actualy care if they're buying somthing good?

A couple of years back, Goldeneye and Super Mario 64 where selling very well. Because they where great. These days, it seems that Big Beach Sports and Games Party are selling... Because they're bad.

This can end up boiling down to one simple, cold-hearted plee: Listen to reviews. Tell you friends to listen to reviews. Yes, thoughs games are cheaper, but things like NiGHTS and Guilty Gear can be found for under £10. Don't look at the rpice. Walk into a shop with a clear vision of what you're buying in your head. Don't have enough for a copy of Okami? Either pick up that Metroid Prime 3 Disc gathering dust on the shelves, which recieved a rather healthy 95% from us and many have rated it even high, or just don't buy anythig there at all. Simple as that: Know the games you after. And buy them.

*We would like to note that no one here at KN actualy reads that rubbish in The Sun. Except online for Doctor Who stuff. Like how Albert Einstine was onboard the Titanic last Christmas.

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