Saturday, June 2, 2007

Big Ball Breakout Preview

Here's a Preview for our Latest Game:

Balls. What do you think of what that word comes to mind? A Quick game of Footy, perhaps? Or maybe you're the sort that thinks of Baseball first. Or you just ahve a sick mind... anyway, here, our next game is about 'em. Balls. All about Balls. Blue Ones & Red Ones. And then, we have Walls! (And By Balls, we mean Bouncy Balls, not Golf Balls or... Or any otehr type of Ball anyway) basicaly, a Ball stands still untl you come on, and start playing... At this moment, they bounce in a random direction. There are two sorts of Balls: Red Balls and Blue Balls. You have to Click no the Balls, but only the Red balls. The more you get, the higher the score goes, but watch out: Clicking on a Blue ball will end the game, and but let you enter you're score onto the high Score list. But well then, where do the Walls come into play? Well, walls suround the Play area, and everytime a ball hits it, it bounces off in a diffrent direction. The more walls it hits, the faster it gets. Also rember somthing: Balls don't disaper once you catch them, so a skileld player could have a game going on forever...Anyway, this is a game that appers to be incredibly addictive, and that's too all, not just the games creator (Toaroni was the only member of staff involved in the production of this one), or just a certain Games Monkey that we tested it on ... Anyone else who played it enjoyed it: And best of all, if we're lucky, you should be able to play it on you're telly! We're hoping to get it so you can play it on a Webpage, and therefor, on you're Wii! It requires NO Kepboard input what so ever (excluding High Score Name Typing) so in effect, this should work with a Remote, even if a Mouse offers speedier reactinos, which you'l need for this game...


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