Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GC Countdown #2

More for our Last-Minute Games Covention Countdown, then, as Gibbon takes a look at what he wants to see on Wii from SEGA tommorow...

Gibbon: Jet Set Radio
Welcome to Shibuya, home of TR's Fav., The World Ends With You, and the my favorate Third-Party gmae of all-time: Jet Set Radio.

Also known as Jet Grind Radio, basicly, it saw you doing stuff. Erm, that's not a very good description, and Sega have said that their "Secret Game is NOT Jet Grind Radio", but anyway. This would be perfect with Wii Controls, and all graffiting would also work very well. Basicly: Sega, if you're reading this, produce one more rubbish movie Tie-In or Sonic Spin-Off insted of this, and I'll come round to your house and shoot EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU dead. Remeber that next time you confirm a game, and think of me....

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