Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Character War: The Survivors Speak Out (Part One)

So then, with only 20 Characters remaining in KN's first-ever Character War, 34 have been evicted. We've gone and asked the remaining 20 to give us the low-down on what's happened in the war so far, and what they hope you happen...


"Well, it'sa mea! I always win-a these thingsa! I can't go out! If I do-a? Mamma Mia! What-a-disast-a! But I won't-a! Wahoo!"

Erm, well there you go.


"It's been tough, and it's somehow taught me how to talk. Having won many a 'Best Character' contest, I'm sure I'll make it to the final at least. If I ever need to duke it out, I'm easily the strongest of everyone in the remaining roster. And, funnily enough, the only remaining villian is my nemesis. So I should enjoy watching him preish under my almighty power. FOR HYRULE!"


Neku Sakuraba

"I'm not much of a Gaming Superstar, and that makes me feel uneasy, and afterall- I'm just a normal 15 year old boy, afterall, no matter how strong I am with a bunch of Pins. So what? I'm a player. But, all the same, I've taken down almost every single Reaper within The Game, and I should be able to make my way out of this alive. Or dead. Whatever."

Well, we love you, Neku. Kinda.


"PK Victory! I'll be abl;e to win this. Afterall, did you see how awsome I was in that cutscene in Brawl? Yeah, I'm awsome."

Gorrila says "Yeah!" Rest of us? "Meh."

Samus Aran


Looks like she realy can't speak.

Come Back For The Next Part- Even if a character or two are gone...

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