Sunday, September 21, 2008

KNTV One Year Aniversary

Taken From KN News

Sooo... Knight-Nui Television was launched one year ago on the 22nd September. It's a major event, and sicne the original launch, 181 Videos have been uploaded, and over 100 Pieces of Original Content have been realise so far, including four totaly original series and then some "Parodies Videos" and stuff as well.

KNTV was original created on the 16th September in PM Conversations between Toaroni and Knightghost with input from Grancko and Gibbon, and has sicne flourished. The fact that one new series was launched on Wednesday (Or Thursday, preior to the delay) and then there's a brand-spanking-new episode of KNTV's Flagship Show, The Doomy Blastoise, (Which is now in it's third season) premiering later today is the proof in the pudding, KNTV Is still going strong.

The current most popular video remains the LEGO Music Video, (And there's a new annoucnment to be amde soon o that front...) with, as this is posted, 45,099 Views and 43 Comments.

With more stuff to come soon, too- A Gorrila written-and-directed (Plus input from a certain Toaroni) Batman movie, Gibbon's massivly ambitious for such a small studio Altenrate Option, and then a fourht series of The Doomy Blastoise and another new show, Illusion covering Dave Jone's adventures in the world's worst Detective Agency.

On top of all that, there's much more too be comfirmed. And maybe the third episode of Smash Saga may be realised at some point...

But to celebrate such a big event, something is being done, right? Well, correct. So there's going to be at least Three Videoes being uploaded over the corse of the next 9 Days, which should mean that the video count will make it to The Big 200 by Thursday...

All this is kicking off with the next episode of The Doomy Blastoise at sometime between 4:15 and 5:00, and then there's the second adventure in Pichu: Hit & Run and maybe even the legendary Third Episode of Smash Saga!

Keep an eye out. Lots of cool stuff headed your way.


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