Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The KN Facts 'n' Figures Report!

KN Statistics, records and more.

I had a random thought earlier this week, and then got bored today. The result? The First-Ever Knight-Nui FNF Report! Fileld with all the useless facts about Knight-Nui you need to know... And then some. And then, just to top it off, you realise you've only read the first bit. Or somthing. But, basicly, here's some KN Records & Stuff...



-The most members that have ever joined in one day is 4. This occured on July 11th 2006, (Our opening day) May 27th 2007 and then July 4th & 30th 2008.

-The member with the msot posts is Toaroni (Duh) with 14,366 Posts as this is posted.

-There are 17 Members who have broken the 100 Posts Barrier.

-A further 5 have made 1000 Posts.

-Just one member has past 10,000 Posts, but a second is on their way.

-All thanks to Spam Bots who havn't been validated/have been banned, there are 6 pages on the "Top ten posters" Member's list which are blank.

-Ignoring them, Nazo is the member with the least posts officialy.

-Fourty-Six members have no posts...GET POSTING YOU LAZY LUMPS!


-There are 4028 Topics on the Forum.

-April 16th 2007 was the day with the most new topics made, as a whopping 74 New Topcis where created.

-The Top Three Longest Topics are 1). Super Smash Bros Brawl in the Nintendo section, 2). Doctor Who Episode Countdown in the Who section and 3). Count To 1000, with 1356, 1033 and 814 Posts respectivly.

Forum Sections

-The Forum with the most views is the Forum Games section, with an amazing 12360 Count of times the forums been looked at. This is followed by 10192 in Genneral Discussion and 10012 in Nintendo. KN News comes after this, having more then 9000.

-Games also trumps the "Most posts" catagory, with 4457 Replies to date. However, thsi award could go to Genneral Discussion, as it's realy only a sub-catagory under it.

-The least on he other hand goes to the "'09 Spechials/Series Five" section in the Doctor Who bits. GET POSTING, KIDS.

-The "Most Topics" record goes to Gaming News, with a massive 997, and then there's more than three News Stories today to report...

Personal messages

-If the "How many PMs do you Have?" topic is to be trusted, then the member with the most PMs (Personal Messages, not Prime Ministers, that is) is Toaroni who, in a new update from the previous record, now has 576 PMs.

-Feb. 12 2008 saw 53 PMs fly into Cyber-Space, while April 5th 2007 had one more get sent, witha grand total of 54. Intrestingly, three days previous was only two off matching the record of it's Two-Day-Later Brother.


-Currently, KNTV has exactly double the amount of Subcribers as Friends.

-206 Videos are currently uplaoded on KNTV.

-No member of staff is bothered to count how many where actualy made by one member of staff or another.

-The largest series is The Doomy Blastoise, spanning 31 Episodes, Four trailers and two spin-offs.

-Smash Bros. Brawl is the Non-KN "Thing" with the most videos, and that's followed by Disaster: Day of Crisis. No one knows how that happned.

-The Two most popular videos on KNTV are the LEGO Music Video and the Doctor Who clip "Are You My Mummy?" from The Poison Sky. These trump both the most-viewed and most-dsicussed catagories. The LEGO Music Video has 48,397 Views right now, and 46 Comments, while the good doctor swung 2,716 Viewers to watch his clip, and had 22 of them comment on it.

-Both videos also have an average rating of 5/5. LMV has 74 Ratings, while AYMM has 7. Quite a diffrence, there.

-Roughly 67% of all KN Videos aren't rated.

-TR just made that up/figured that out on the spot.


Hope you enjoyed that. We'll have another version up soon, along with the "Mentionable Achivments..." bit. For now, enjoy the stats 'n' stuff!

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