Wednesday, July 9, 2008

E3 Countdown: Day #2

Day Two: Gibbon

KN's local monkey and Games Editor (Not to mention Co-Administrator) takes on the universe...


Gibbon's spent his entire life dreaming of one of these.

OK, I guess I have to promise that this is possibly the only time we'll ever say this here on the KN E3 Blog, but honestly: This is my favorate Game Series Of All-Time. For me, Lyat Wars is the single greatest game ever made, and Fox ranks among my Top couple of Game Characters Ever, so it's a little obvious that I'd be after a StarFox game on Wii. But honestly- Just imagien the possibilties. It'd be great.

Firstly, I'll start with online play. Command showed it can be done, so why not do it on a grander scale? Say, 36 Spaceships, (Let's not just limit it to just Arwings- Bring in all sorts of stuff!) all flying around at once. With multiple people using one Wii, a la Mario Kart. And also, let's have very little limits. Let us fly anywhere, ducking and diving like a mad thing.

The main game should be longer then usual, and have a couple of extra segments to break the flying up, but not in Assult style. How about being able to fly the Great Fox on occasions, or maybe the odd Landmaster level. A couple of ground-based levels would be nice, too. Espechialy if we're just in the same place as the huge war, exploring the entire world, pretty much open-ended, but just trying to take down enemy aircrafts. (Or reach a point to take on a Landmaster or somthing.)

Plot-Wise, as mentioned above, how about a Great War breaking out in the Lyat System, and the StarFox team are forcfully reunited after breaking up once more in Command to take on the enemy forces, lead by a classic StarFox villian- Say Andross or Wolf- and so you enter the greatest game since Lyat Wars.

Now all that remains is a name. I'd suggest one of these:

StarFox: Shadow Of Lyat
StarFox: End Of Days
StarFox: The Final Stand
StarFox: Revenge

Just one thing left to say now: DO A BARREL ROLL!

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