Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Re-Vamp Update #12

CURRENT STATUS: 30/7/08- 4:05PM GMT: Blimey. Is that the time? 20 Minutes left? Oh. Right then, we;re even more go-go-go, even grancko. He's almost completed Target Smash level 4 as Every Character.

Anyway, Gibbon's preview is in, and reads well and all that stuff. TR's News Article is still being written, as we guess it'll take slightly more then 25 Minutes to finish, espechialy since he still has 3 other things to do.

But, basicly, we doubt we'll manage to squeeze many more updates into our packed schedual- Just start your own countdown and remember, KN is Back at 4:25 PM GMT. 20 Mintues then...

P.S. We may have to add a Five-Minute Delay. If we're not back online by 4:30, then you can thump us all with sticks afterwards.

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