Saturday, July 12, 2008

E3 Countdown: Day 5


TR's back with more wishes he wants to forward to Nintendo...

Pikmin 3

Miyamoto said it himself: "The Wii Remtote is the sort of controller that would work realy well with a game like Pikmin."- And it would. Hence this article being written.

So, what would make a third outing for Captain Olmiar, Louie and the Pikmin even more spechial? Well for starters there would HAVE to be Online Play, surely? And a headset would be ncie so you could discuss plans in an Online Co-Op mode, and pit yourself against another pair of people from somewhere else in the world. The plot could also go on in leaps and bounds- While Pikmin has never been that plot-orientated, it has an opotunaty, and if it seezed it, it would be marvelous.

Now just one thing to say (Or do): *Sounds Pikmin whistle*

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Gorrila said...

Next best thing Ninty could anounce to Mother and Zelda, I guess...