Saturday, July 26, 2008

KNTV Updates

Biggest KNTV Update To Date!!

OK, lately KNTV has been slightly lifeless- Sure, there's the Third Series of our flagship show The Doomy Blastoise running every Saturday, (More on that later...) and the odd Alternate Vortex, Gaming Trailer or Doctor Who clip, but that's it, realy. Well, have we got some suprises in store for you...


Blastoise Updates

The first of these is that of the Third Series of TDB will not only be broadcast on Saturdays, but also on Wednesdays too! The latest episode, Electrifing Enoucnter will be up tonight on the KNTV Channel, and then Episode Four (See bellow) is on Wednesday.

Ah, but there's somthing else. Episode Four of Series Three has a shock title that'll only come about WHEN WATCHING THE EPISODE- Yes, outside the actualy video, it's refured to as "Third Wind", but then in it you'll discover it's REAL title... Looks like Wednesday can't come soon enough!

Oh, but most excitingly of all, The Doomy Blastoise will return in a newly-commisioned a Fourth Series at some point in the future! Probaly next year, but we'll see what the future holds...

Charizard Update

Quick one this- The Doomy Charizard has also had a second series commisioned. Again, if you don't mind thinking ahead, it's comnig December '08/January '09, and will have some interesting changes...

Alternate Option Update

Gibbon-Master's upcoming series, Alternate Option, is currently being scripted by himself and Gorrila-Master. Nothnig except the original Press Annoucnment is known to anyone, (Even me!!) but -Whisper it- He is asking if I want to write a couple of episodes. More info soon, but he HAS confirmed to that Alternate Option will run for a total of 23 Episodes when it is realised in the future.

New Shows!!

Pichu Pichu!!

After becomnig a running joke here at KN Towers, Pichu is now getting his own series. Entitled Pichu: Hit & Run, it'll show... Actualy, you can find that out. But we'll assure you it's a far cry from Blastoise's other spin-off, The Doomy Charizard. The series will comprise of Ten episodes, written by Toaroni & Garncko. (As Co-Writers together for each episode, not as each writing seperate episodes)

It's all an Illusion...

Another KNTV show coming out is the brilliant (If we say so ourselfs) show, Illusion. Following the story of Dave Jones as he enters a world of mystery and crime in the world's createst Detective Agency, the series will be written by Toaroni and Gibbon-Master, and will star TR and Gibbon, as well as Grancko, Gorrila and Rip.

More Music!

While it's not exactly new, KN will be realising a new piece of music (Like the Brawl, Who and The World Ends With You music) or a Music Video (See KN's most popular video, the LEGO Music Video, or alternativly the Sonic & Smash Bros. ones.) every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, plus another odd one throguhout the week.


News on the News...

After the launch of the New-Look KN Forums, we'll be realsing a weekly KNTV newsletter whenever updates happen. Otherwise, it'll just be a gathering of all shwos that week.

In addition to this, all updates on KNTV and all videos will be appearing on the blog!


FIVE new Altenrate Vortex shows are due to Debut today! Whoopie!!

Toaroni, Head of KNTV, Over and out.

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