Friday, July 11, 2008

E3 Countdown: Day #4


KN's other head -Finaly!- gives a look at why he wants to spend so many horus of his life wandering aimlessly around a village souley populated with animals who are pretty much clones of another.... 

Animal Crossing


Everyone's been anticipating AC Wii, After some thought It'll  be hard running two towns at once because of the DS Version. But then your favourite bear on Wild World moves out. Then you give up. Now It'll be Easier with the Wii version. There's always been at least 50 new villagers in each game, and this will be the Fourth in the Series.

It's Practically confirmed! The 'Big Game' Is Huge... So is Animal Crossing... It appeals to everyone... So does  Animal Crossing... Great! Its Animal Crossing! It's gonna work REALLY well on Wii!

Now theres just one thing to say: GO K.K. RIDER!

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