Thursday, July 10, 2008

E3 Countdown- Day 3


KN's latest recruit reaches for the stars. But floats there first. Then eats them. Then writes his bit for the countdown...

Kirby Wii (The Crystal Shards Part 2)

And he's out local Metal/Hard-Rock King.

The game I would like to see at E3 is a new Kirby game. Kirby is the most awesome little pink ball you could wish for. I would love the game to be a follow up to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, which rocked. I believe that if they keep the same “two power ups makes a new power up” mechanic and the same platforming game play, then this could be a real winner. All they would need to do is up the difficultly and this could rival Mario Galaxy as the best Wii Game.

Seeing as Kirby does not really have any quotes (and if he does, my world has been turned around) I’ll have the final word on this article:
“Rock on. God bless and eating your enemies makes you more powerful (unless Kirby lied to me)”.

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