Saturday, July 5, 2008

Journey's End


Doctor Who Ends...

Good news or bad news? Choose which comes first, and risk creating a new parelell world in the process.

Bad News: Doctor Who's final proper episode for TWO WHOLE YEARS in on saturday, when Steven Moffat takes over from Russell T Davis as head writter and executive producer. Expect every weekend to be far less exciting not only for the rest of this year, but for next year too, when we only get the four episodes....

Good News: It's set to be one of the best stories ever. Simple as that.

So then, what with the story Russell T Davis has created over the last four years coming to a close, and all loose ends being tied up, we'll be celelbrating the Good News, by doing a week of new conent related to Doctor Who, begining two days ago. Which weforgot about. Never mind.

Sorry, as well as clips and Alternate Vortex, we'll have reviews and mroe stuff up! Enjoy!

Oh, and expect around 45 things up- One for every mintue of an average episode! (Although this week's, JOURNEY'S END is a whopping 65 Minutes)

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