Friday, December 21, 2007

Knight-Nui Awards 2008


OK, here we are, our second annual Knight-Nui Awards. Here we are, and it's time for you to Vote. We'll clarifie all catagorys, and you can get voting! Got that? Good! Then let's go!


Charcter of the year

Was it Mario's been impressing you most? Or was it Ms. Croft who's been running rings around you? Or perhaps Master Cheif gets you're vote? Well tell us here!

Publisher of the year

OK, here we are. Who's been realising the most great games over the last 12 months? Was it Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft in their First-Party glory, or did a Third Party developer such as SEGA or Ubisoft, or even the mega-evil corporation that is EA impress you more? Get voting!

Game of the Year

Super Mario Galaxy has landed. Halo 3's made it's presence known. Metroid Prime's been finished off, and we've also got the odd PS3 Highlight, such as Rachet & Clank. What gets you're vote?


Best Actor

David Tennant, Freema Ageymun or John barrowman? Or is it a guest star who's taken you're vote, such as Carry Mulligan's sally Sparrow or Son of Mine's awsome portrail by Harry Lyoid? You decide!

Best Series 4 News?

Does Rose's Return just pip Kylie starring in an episode for you, or is it that we'll be seeing the Sontarians again next year, or just that there is another series? Get voting!

Episode of the Year

When you've got the Weeping Angels, the Family of Blood and the Master all together in one absolutly amazing 6-Episode block, you'll have a tough time, but remebering that you've got the rest of the series to choose from is even harder. Choose wisely...


Mini-Fig of the Year

OK, we've lost exact names pretty much now, but you can still nominate a genneral "Spaceman" or "Knight" to represent how much you've loved a certain charctar...

Theme of the Year

Mission Mars? Or do Underwater adventures just pip that? Perhaps you where most impressed by Classic Castle theme's rebirth? Or does Bioicnle win again? Use or LEGO sets to decide who wins! (Oh, and we will include Licenses)

Set of the Year

So then, bereing in mind what we've said above about the incredible choice of Themes on offer, each one must feature some great sets to stand a chance of winning. So then, out of all of them: Pick ONE set to win! it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it...


Best Forum

What Forum on Knight-Nui has provided you with the most entertainment, discussion or whatever you crave? Decide!

Favorate Member?

Which member has been nicest to you, have you grown most fond of, or have you laughed with most this year? Oh, and this includes our Co-Mods, Gorrila-Master and Sniperwhere as well, so you've got many to pick from!

Best Moderator?

Which mod has been best at there job, nicest to you, or is just your favorate? Choose here! Pick from 'proper' mdos only, so that's Axle417, Knightghost or K9390.

Best Administrator?

OK. Choose from the Three KN Admins, Gibbon-Master, grancko or Toaroni. Who gets you're vote? (Well it's obvious realy -Gibbon)

Best Topic?

OK. This on'es tough. What's the best Topci on Knight-Nui? What's you're favorate of all 2695 (Yes, we've counted) at the time of writing? or is it somthing else that's not posted yet? Tell us!


Anything else you want to nominate as somthing great from the forum? Anything or anyone you want to get reconitsion? Tell us! *OPTIONAL


To vote, send a Personal Message to Mr. Vote to vote. remeber, don't be shy to say the actual Member, Admin or Mod, or whoever, as they won't know, as results of who voted what are stricktly confidential, only Admins will check, (And if they get worked about it, there out of the job -Toaroni) so don't worry.


Don't worry, if you don't know about, say, Doctor Who, you may miss that ctargory all together. The only optional one if you're ding the catagory though is 'Other'. oh, but You must get try and get the Community ones done, even if you skip the others.


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