Friday, December 21, 2007

Sonic Rush review


This is one of the best sonic games yet, it puts the two screens together for one big playing arena, in a way no DS game had done before, there are fantastic boss battles at the end of levels and there are some fantastic parts where it flips into 3D, and several 'mini games' where you do things such as gilding. Threes also a new character in the form of blaze the cat, she has new ablates, like being able to glide using her feet and all sorts of stuff. The two characters also mean that you get to play the (slightly different) levels again, but in a different order, its a fantastic game mind you!
It Lacks in Multiplayer though. You just run through a level, showing your opponent on the other screen. So you know where they are. And threes nothing in the way of interacting with them in the levels. And it doesn’t use the DS very well. Sure, it uses the ability it has two screens better then most games, but it stops there. No interaction after that. It only uses the touch screen for menus, and doesn't use the microphone at all. Disappointed? Then you discover the special stages. Brilliant, Brilliant Special Stages. Using the Touch Screen to control Sonic, you run through Half-Pipe Levels, trying to the Chaos Emerald. But you won't both about the emerald, just the fun your having...

OK, sorry this is short, but it was one of the first review we did, and it's kinda just a "DSpace Filler" So don't blame us.

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