Friday, December 21, 2007

Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review


Many call this the ‘Best Game Ever’. Many call this game ‘Absolutly Brillaint’ and many call it ‘Ocarina of Time’ which, even if it is not the catchest of Titles, cuts pretty much to the chace and sound mysterious as well as descriptive. But of cause, titles can only prove so much, even one that say it’s better then everything from Halo 2 to the sequal, the Maroja’s Mask But does it realy live up to these names that give them so much glory over other games that could easly ‘wow’ an audience now, and does it still blow people away in these days of ‘Good’ graphics and ‘Gory’ Games? Well, I think it’s time that we used the Ocarina to see how good it was in the day…

…And, if you want this in short, it was exelent back then, fully deserving the ‘Best Game Ever’ status. With only titles such as Super Mario 64, Lyat Wars and Crash Banicoot being challengers of that period, and even fellow Zelda, Link to the Past, Sega Classic Sonic 2 and Miyamoto’s brillaint Platformer Super Mario Bros. 3 managing to Challenge it for for ‘Al Time’ title. And it still surpassed them. But, like all good games, the true test is that of time, and something like this, based around a Time-Traveling muscial insrument should be able to manage that, surely…?

…Right, we’ll answer this in short then: It does. Ocarina plays (Get it?) very well, even with the latest one in the Long-Running series, Twilight Princess, challenging it, this title can Still force back Wii’s adventure for Link to a Joint ‘Best Adventure game ever’ titles, even if Graphics and technology are a lnog way ahead for the most recent Game.

…But all this talk about how it is ‘as good as’ or ‘better then’ other games can only tell us so much, so then, what is it realy like? Well, frankly, I’m very surmised you had to ask that. ALL should have played this game. If you havn’t you must have something Majorly wrong. And we mean that. But, unfortunately, that’s not how we should work, so then, it’s basically a 3D- Adventure game, where you play as Link (But you may re-name him at the Start, although we recommend leaving him as ‘Link’ as that is his Real name.) and it starts off, you’re just a normaly boy, but oddly, you’re the only one in you’re village without a Fairy. The game starts when one morning, the great Duku Tree calls out for the last Fairy, Navi, to accompany ‘The Fairy-less Boy’ on a quest, a quest to defeat an Evil man of the Desert, who ahs curesed the Tree and is planing to launch a full strike on Hyrule. It could only be one person. Ganondorf. So, as you set of, you must go through many challenges, from dungeons to trails and hunts, plus the odd Stelth mission to help Princess Zelda and stop Ganon…

…And it covers TONES. It largely goes through Dungons, in which you must defeat enemys, solve puzzles and more, and they all end in one of the best Bosses’ you’ve ever seen, with only Twilight Princess’ slightly-More-Epic fights making you feel like you’re realy a hero. Because you are. And that realy is one thing that Zelda evolves around, Heroism. And how one boy can go from a NoBody that just works on a farm to a Hero who wears a Sock on his head, but still legendery. And this is no different. Sure, game such as Metroid and Halo let you blow everything you pieces then alow you to laugh evily. OK, maby Rampage and Hulk:Ultimate Destruction make you destroy a city, but frankly, is that the sort of thing that would earn you honor, and a good reason to be looked up to, or a good reason to go to jail? Exactly. Zelda will give you a real experience like no other. And we mean that. Not even games such as Okami on Playstation2 which pretty much is Zelda without Minda letting you transoform from Wolf State and replaced with a magic paintbrush manage it.

…So then, I think you should have got the picture on this game. It’s awosme. And the other thing? You should have got this. This game was the game that inspired all 3D Adventure games, from Twilight Princess to Oblivion. This game is 100% essiential for all, whether you like Zedla or not. Whether you Loath Nintendo or not. No mater what you’;re opinions on anything, if you’ve ever played a game, it should have been this. End of story.


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