Friday, December 21, 2007

Wii Play Review


Now, we all know the Wii is for Fun, That is it’s only purpose, to make you have fun, so does this title do so? Your’ll find out later… Now, the best thing in the package is the Extra Wii Remote, Meaning for Less then a normal Wii game, you get a Remote AND a game… but is the game good? Or is the remote the only reason to buy it? To find out, read on…

…Yes, it’s good. But we’ll go up in the ‘Stages’ it gives you, so that starts with Shooting, It works well, and is good fun, epsichaly in 2 player, as you blast your way through drinks cans, The Ducks from Duck Hunt on the NES, UFO’s, Frisbee-Things, Balloons and then try to shoot each others faces on targets… Then, we get Find Mii, as you try your best to do things such as ‘Find the odd mii out’ (which is facing the wrong way) ‘Which is the fastest Mii’ (which is swimming/Running at the best speed) or The most Common, ‘Find 2/3 Look-alikes’ (where several Mii’s have the same face and you need to find the two with the same face) then, there is Table Tennis, Good, but totally different in multi-player, on single-player, you have to get the longest possible rally, but when you reach 100, it stops and says ‘WELL DONE!’ so it’s a bit strange and ,when you get good, a bit short. After that, you unlock Pose Mii, Probably the hardest of these Mini-Games, as you must go through several Weirdly-Back grounded Stages, changing poses at the right time and moving and twisting your wrists to the max to pop some bubbles, and if a single one falls, it’s GAME OVER! Ok, after that comes Laser Hockey (We only wish it was spelt ‘Lazer’) The most fun in multi-player. Almost, anyway. It’s good fun, but the computer is too hard of an opponunt at first and You’ll always be scoring own-Goals. Then we have the most detailed, billiards, or pool, it can be hard in places and is the longest of the Wii-Play mini-Games. (unless you never continue in Table Tennis) Then comes the worst, Fishing. It’s one of the worst things on the wii. It’s semi-Decent, but not that good. Then, a great fun one, CHARGE! Or as we like to call it, Cow Racing, Where you put the remote on it’s side an well, charge! Then, this reviewer’s personal Favourite, Tanks! Is where you need to move the remote to aim, and shoot, Drop mines and move your tanks, on 2-player you have two options. The one your meant to do, Co-Op, where you need to blow up as many tanks as you can with out you both dieing and the winner is the one who destroys the most tanks. It can use the the Nunchuck, and that makes it a lot easier, but you can use the D-pad and that makes it harder, having to move the remote, press on the D-pad an use A & B at the same time. Over-All this a good collection, that you realy should get!


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