Friday, December 21, 2007

Zelda: Twilight Princess Review

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Want this game described in one word? Brilliant. Another word: Breathtaking. And not a sentence: It could be the best game ever. And We've played a lot if games, and that really means something...
...Playing as a young hero, Link, (But you can rename him) the Incredibly epic journey you take sees you having a hideous transformation, into a wolf, but you must use this as something helpful, for you couldn't do the game without it... As Nintendo Describes the game, it probably is the best Zelda game of All-Time. We must tell you now: BUY THIS GAME! We hope you own a Wii or GameCube, So you must own it.
It's story line is brilliant, as it comes into being the main part of the game. It revolves around the storyline. We won't spoil much as the best thing about the game is that you don't know what's going to happen next, or at all, unless you've died and started again. It Goes through what Nintendo's Online Banner-Ads say, it takes 'As Darkness falls, A hero must rise' as a basis and runs with it. And it runs far. Incredibly Far. Then it gets on a horse and goes further. Then traps it in a dungeon, gets it out and then forces it to face an incredible boss. Sound good to you? If it doesn't then your clearly mad...
The game play is better then anything on GameCube and the best on Wii. What do you do? A lot. There are so many sub-quests, when you reach a certain stage you could never continue on your quest again. Extra's Range from fishing, in which you can catch fish to fill up an Animal Crossing-Style Fish Journal you get at the beginning of the game when you feed the local shopkeepers cat. Then we have White Water Rafting, where you whiz down a river, shooting pots in order to gain points and win an item. Or you can go Balloon-Popping, on a giant Bird-Thing, in order to earn a prize. There's so many extras you could never do anything else. Oh, but we forgot the main thing! Exploring! Exploring is even better in Twilight Princess then it was in Ocarina Of Time. You can ride anywhere on horse back, with a ton of field and cities to explore, and then you have a desert to fling into that mix... And Link can now fight on horseback, and this includes some of the most brilliant Boss-Fights ever against the Moblin Leader, and there not even the proper Boss'... They range from Jousting to a brilliant chase, in which Link must rescue his friend Colin, who ahs been chained up onto a poll...
...The dungeons are marvels too. There are 9 of them, whoever you think that's impressive or not enough, some of them are massive and have loads of extra bits to them, like the first one, in which you need to get all the keys, all the monkeys then defeat the boss to get equipment before going onto rescue more monkeys and face another boss in order to escape it... Now you should be impressed... and sometime you enter a dungeon, not knowing it's a dungeon until you find something like Oocoo (A Chicken with Man's head -sort of- a Long Neck and warping ability. You find them wiggling in a pot, he's in every dungeon. Her Son, Oocoo Jar. is a head with wings.) then it strikes you Your’ll be picking up an other piece of equipment, solving problems and facing two Boss' Not too hard then.
Operations as a Wolf (or 'Beast Form' As the game calls it) work well, except fighting, that is the only problem. But we'll talk about that later. Holding down 'B' on the Remote now does an attack, which is a bit like the 'Shake the Nunchuck' Spin attack. Instead of reaching for an item, Link will create a Shadow Field, and trap enemies in it. He then quickly strikes them, this is used for taking out enemies like shadow beasts, who pull them self’s back up when you defeat most of them. And the creature on his back, Minda is able to give you some help in the way of attacks, and is able to help you leap around. But it's not as much fun being wolf link unless your in Castle Town... (You have Guards from Hyrule castle town chasing after you all the time! Everyone Runs away!)
Now, hers that bit on Combat we promised. This is where the Wii version really comes into it's own. Using the Remote to fight everything is brilliant, and you Swing it you slash your way through Moblin, and you can finally feel as if it's you owning that Boss, instead of some on-screen character... Now we're just describing the joys of the Wii, but honest, that's what it feels like, even if you are just using 'Z Targeting' All the tem (A way for you to be able to two more 'Traditional' fighting, Holding down 'Z' on the Nunchuk and the pressing 'A' to Jump & Strike) and in weapon combat it works just as well. You can put items onto the 'B' Button and D-Pad and then press the direction on the Pad (You can't have it up, mind, Minda goes on there) to use it, or tap 'B' most thinfs just set themself to 'B' mind. But this is it: Firing a Bow as Link, with the remote. You don't quite feel like your doing it, but you feel like your realy fireing at a Moblin on top of a cliff wth arrows (Well, it's the closest you can come) Just aiming and Hitting 'B' can send an arrow hurtling at it, and If your late, you'll ahve to Re-aim, as you leave the combat mode thing amd the remote with shake. Meaning you've got to be quick, and make that Moblin stumble off there...
...Now, we know we're sounding like we're saying the Wii version is awsome but the Cube version isn't but that's not true at all. In afct, the Cube verson is the 'true' verson as you can probaly rember in all that hype for this incredible game, it was orignally a GameCube game. So the Button-Pressing friendly verson is the true verson (Aparantly) but we'd still say go for the Wii verson and it's extras in the way of Controls.
But we can't say this enough. This game is AWSOME! We will tell you the review now, in two words, yes, summing up the game in two mere word... BUY IT! but it you realy want to know what we could of done if we got 3 letters, here it is: BEST GAME EVER!*


*We hadn't played Super Mario Galaxy yet

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