Friday, December 21, 2007

Sonic Rush Adventure Review


Everyone loved Sonic Rush, as it was, Clearly, the best Sonic game in ages. It was 100% Loyal to the original Trillogy, just doubling the speed. So here, they’ve taken Sonic Rush and doubled it again. The length.

See, SRA is MASSIVE. It’s bigger then any Sonic game that’s come before it, with as well as 7 Worlds (With 3 Acts each) it has the 100 Missions based around it, which is all well and good, but if there rubbish, it’s nothing, isn’t it?

Well, they aren’t. That’s the thing. There not quite as good or addictive as the ones in Sonic & The Secret Rings on Wii, but there great nonetheless. Then there 15 Hidden Islands, which you need to beat to unlock all of the Missions, and then the rest of the game.

Then theres the first main “Inovation” Of SRA, and that is the WateCraft levels. You can pilot Sonic over water in some Mini-Games involving you plotting a route and then setting off. It’s got a suprising amount of depth, how theres millions of Combinations, depending on the exact movment of your Stylus when drawing your route Nintendogs-Style over the Sea. These aren’t that good though, as the ones where you take control of the Guns (Battleship and Submarine) are absolutely rubbish, espechialy the iritating and pointless Submarine, which was only added to make the game longer.

Theres also the small task of collecting enough materials to build them. This is a little tedious, but a good way that SEGA Came up with to pad the game out a little more.

The other thing you need to collect is the various Emeralds- Both sets of 7, the Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds. Blaze needs to get the Sol ones by Re-Defeating Bosses and beating hidden islands again, these are good fun, and better then Sonic’s races with New Enemy Whisker’s Right-hand-man, Johnny. There either way to easy or just frustratingly difficult.

But over-all, the only real problem with Sonic Rush Adventure is the new “Friends” Sonic makes- Marine the Racoon (What?) and a million and two Kollas, with only 4 of them being relevant at all.

Although this doesn’t ruin the game, it’s still one of both the DS’ and Sonic’s Finest games available.


Overall a brilliant game, with some of Sonic’s best Platforming action in ages. A Must-Buy.


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