Friday, December 21, 2007

Mario Kart DS Review


So, Mario Kart Has finally reached the Nintendo DS, and is it cracking, or well, rubbish? The answer: Cracking. A top class racer, and one of the finest games on the Nintendo DS. The action is all displayed on the top screen in lovely 3D, which also shows items and things, and on here you can see the teeniest details moving. It isn't used for anything else, mind you, no, it's just that, except in menu's, as all the game (excluding the menus) is the same old Kart-Racing, that isn't always racing. (Explained later) The bottom screen however, is used to show a Map, with which you can just tap (which can be quite hard, saying you have to stop steering for a moment in order to reach over and tap your figure on a screen-imagine doing that in real life!) but it's useful, not a way of the developer trying to get round using the touch screen. elsewhere it's used for selecting options and -best of all- Designing a logo for the front of your kart.
Now, Onto gameplay, the game plays and handles incredibly well, you can now easily pull off what seemed impossible in other games (OK, that's a bit of an over statement) and it's brilliant fun. This game also has a ton of things to do. You can do Missions, such as collecting coins and taking on Chief Chilly (in a kart) then, after you complete them, you can go back to try to master hem in order to get higher star ratings, and some are incredibly addictive... Next up is battles, with 2 modes, Shine Runners is first, and not as good as the other, that's for sure, but anyway, you can zoom around exclusive to Battle courses Like one that's a MASSIVE DS THAT'S FLOATING IN SPACE! in which you try to whack enemies off and collect there Shines (From Super Mario Sunshine) then, it's Balloon Battle. This is awesome. You go around, blasting people with items, trying to make 'em run out of Balloons, but you have some stock, you can blow up to 3 balloons up at once, and you have a few at the top of the screen to use when you loose one. The twist? YOU actually blow up the balloons. Not your character or the game, YOU. Just blow into the DS Microphone and it will blow them up. You can press a buttons but it's not as fun or affective
So, is there anything in this apart from designing Karts, a Ton of unlockables, Kart-based Missions, 2 Types of 'epic' Battles and a Single-Player Grand Prix? Because there is! In fact, this is the best bit of the whole game we're going to mention here! Wi-Fi Multi-Player. first game on DS (and a Nintendo Console) To work online. And it's a corker. just charging round corners... accelerating... Dodging that banana you left last lap them... then crossing the finish line in and beating some guy on the other side of the world. Awesome. Even if it doesn't always work like how we explained, but trust us, before this came along, it was impossible to get the sense of satisfaction you get for winning your first match...So, Best Racer on DS? Defiantly! Best Racer Ever? Could be...

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