Friday, December 21, 2007

Wii Sports Review

Now, with the Wii Nintendo want us all to be included, so, as far as we’ve got, they’ve managed it. They sold the console for far less then the PS3, they gave it the best controller ever, and then, they give away a game Free with the console, but how good is it?

Well, it is actually broken up. You can’t say it Brilliant because we have one great game, nor can we say it’s rubbish because it’s got one rubbish game. So, first up, we have Tennis, which will probably be the first one you fire up. It’s great fun, as you swing the remote to hit the ball, but some may be frustrated at first that you can’t move you player. But when you get use to it, Your’ll be having such a good time hitting the ball, you won’t notice.

Next we have Baseball. And after playing this, you won’t believe your self when you say that you actually managed to play a Baseball Video game before this, whether it was Sony’s EyeToy (The second closest you can get) or Nintendo’s Mario SuperStar Baseball. (But the NES Baseball mainly! Why did anyone actually download it on Virtual Console?) because this works so well. You will never believe that pressing a button could actually send the ball flying… See, this is so realistic. You just hold the bat (The Remote) and swing it. It hit’s the ball. Then again, if you look at it, you will probably send the ball hurtling beyond earth, and have the Wii scream ‘It’s Outta the park!’ at you in your first go, then you won’t hit another for ages. It’s complex like that. It’s hard like that. But it’s simple like that…

Now, there is Bowling. This is good fun, as you throw the ball, but it’s the one that uses buttons more then all the others put together. It’s still good, and brilliant when your competing with a friend, but doesn’t work as simply as the others do.

The next one is Golf, and it works really well. Swinging the remote to swing the Golf Club is great, and it also ahs a lot of Depth. Well, Nothing to challenge Red Steel or Twilight Princess, but compared to the other Wii Sports games. As well as being able to swing it, you can aim, using the Left and Right on the D-Pad, while you can change Clubs by pressing Up or Down on the D-Pad. Each Club as a different ability, and is better for certain things, like in real life, and Nintendo have captured this better then Electronic Arts (EA), Sega or Anyone who has ever made a Golf game. It works really, really well. But also, we have what anyone would expect from most sport games -And especially a Golf game- A power bar, but you really can use it like in real life now, with small hits (Or small swishes of the Remote) being like doing the same thing in real life, say, to hit a ball into a hole, would you really press a button? Would you really watch a power meter before taking your shot? See, Nintendo have done Golf well, starting with the DS’ Touch Golf, (Which we scored 89%, and said was the best sports game on a Handheld at the time) and then this. See, Nintendo are the masters of Golf…

Finally, we have Boxing. To cut to the point straight away, it is very tiring. It is also very fun. Now, does randomly swinging your wrists around in order K.O a Virtual Opponent sound like fun to you? Well, prepare to be surprised. It is. It’s brilliant. If you find a game that does Boxing in a more realistic way, then we won’t believe you. Or at least up to this point, we won’t. No longer do you need to hit a button to swing a punch, no, you need to use the Remote or Nunchuck (This is the only game in Wii Sports that uses the pair of Incredible Motion-Sensing Gaming Controllers. The others just use the Remote.) as your Boxing Gloves, and then launch it out. It’s brilliant. Multi-Player is great, as you launch punches and try to do your best to knock your enemies (well, Enemy, as it is one of the few games on Wii Sports which is only Two Player, not Four) to the ground. Before long Your’ll be yelling things like we’re about to print. “Phroaw!” “Ouch!” “Pow!” “Mwhahahahahaha-
hahhahahahaha!!!!!” “Take That!” “Take That Too!” “Mission Complete!” and “Oh, Wait! I’m turning into Fox McCloud…”

But Genneraly, it’s good. We would say, ‘Buy it Now!’ but you’d have to have it first, so let’s just say, you are right to own it…


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