Friday, December 21, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy Review


Well here we are. At last, we’re holding the game of the year in our hands. If, like us, your daily routine was to wake up, eat the odd mushroom, check for a Mario-related Smash Bros. Update, then poor over screenshots of Mario’s Galactic quest all morning, you would know how special it is to be holding the box in your hands. And y’know what? It’s even more special to play…

See, even if we have starred at every single pixel on every single picture for hours on end, threes still stuff we missed. An awful lot. Blimey, how much did we not realise:? We missed nothing from what we saw. Just Nintendo rightly told us not to look.

So we’ll say this. We’ll go over the game at first, and try to avoid spoilers, but when we do say one, we recommend you avoid reading it. Mario galaxy relies on surprises, and while threes nothing like trying them out for yourself, it’s not as good as the overall feeling of not knowing what’s around the corner…

Anyway, think back to Super Mario 64’s Near-perfect platform glory. We say near-perfect. If you’re wondering why only “Near” Perfect, we’ll let you in on a little secret. Galaxy is way, way better. It takes 64’s formula and runs with it, and no one can keep up.

Galaxy is a light year ahead of the competition. Think Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction was the most amazing Platformer ever, PS3 Fanboys> You’re a long, long way from the truth. Blimey, comparing this’ score to R&C’s 85% isn’t good enough. Playing the two shows that a plumber’s better them a killer animals and a robot put together. And it doesn’t stop there with game’s it’s better then, Halo 3? Tiny. Assassin’s Creed? Booor-ing! Call of Duty 4? Looks like a single Starbit compared to the mighty Mario.

The actual game plays far better then anything else realised in the last 15 Years. In fact, the only Platformer that could ever hold it’s own against the perfected jumping skills on show here is Super Mario World, previously the highlight of Mario’s career.

The actual Space-rock hopping is solid enough as a Bloke in dunagres, but it gets even more fun as someone in a Bee suit, or being dead and reincarnated as a ghosty, or, even better, *SPOLIER! SPOILER! SPOILER!* becoming Ice Mario. (Since we’re in the Spoiler zone, we might as well go over it) When you’re ice Mario, you can freeze platforms to go over. It looks and plays so well that when the time limit finishes you’ll be deadly upset, but even more after that ‘?’ Coin. *SPOILER OVER* Theres also the return of Fire Mario, as you’ve problay heard. The Remote flings a fire ball, and while he’s nothing like he was before, he’s fun to play as, none the less.

One of the best things about the new suits is how there not overused. While it would have been nice for the Boo suit to appear outside of the one galaxy, we’re glad the Fire Flower’s aren’t poping up al the time like before, or that We’re not becoming *SPOILER* Mario ever other level.

But actualy that’s not even the thing that’s got us most excited when playing Galaxy. That honor goes to the refrences to previous Mario games (Plus previous trailer) from the time we saw a Goomba and yelled “YES!!!” to shouting “KAMEK’S BACK!” At the sighting of a Magikoopa. And it doesn’t stop with the enemys. We loved the Toads in particular, with the ‘Brigader Toads’ forming as a sort-of Toad rescue squad that explores the galaxy and turns up on various occasions to help you find the star.

*SPOILERS IN PARAGRAGH*: Plus, tucked away in the Hanuted Galaxy, is a certain Mario charctar who’s been evily left out of all previous 3D Mario games… Yes, Luigi is back! We can’t get enough of him popping up behind Mario when he’s doing the classic “You got a Star!” sequance…

Blimey, we could bang on all day about Galaxy. Theres that much to it. It’s plat forming at it’s highest form. Forget that Mario World, the galaxy is a whole lot bigger…


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