Friday, December 21, 2007

Super Monkey ball: Banana Blitz Review


When SEGA Announced they where making a Wii Launch Game, we instantly drempt of Sonic speeding into Next-Gen with motion Control, and reliving the glory days of Sonic 2 (Which he did actualy do in the end) but then, they confirmed it. Oh. It’s only Monkey Ball. Never mind. Sonic was shown a week or so later, anyway.

But then, when we finaly saw more on it, we realised how wrong we where to have ever thought that. Oh, this is among the Wii’s best games, and Twilight Princess’ Closest Rival for Launch-Day Glory. Oh, How good it is…

If you don’t have a clue what we’re on about, basically SEGA have gone and trapped a load of Monkeys in Spheres, and used them to form some perfectly titly fun. And it’s majorly helped by the Monkeys, not only because they are Monkeys, but also because there expressions on there faces are so detailed when you go so fast, and how they look around in boredem when you go slow, and the fact that there all seprate charctars, not only because they have different abiltys, but that they have different personailtys, despite the only Cutscene being some bigger ape steal there Bananas. Now that’s Monkey Magic.

Anyway, the gameplay isn’t half bad either. The Monkeys are in balls and must roll through brilliantly designed levels, to collect more Bananas then where in Kong’s entire Banana Bunch in DK Country, (That should keep them topped up on Potassium for a while then) and genneraly through levels that are both so brilliant, yet so frustrating, down to how tedious they are at times, but it never becomes a chore to play, and always puts a smile on your face. Yet more Monkey Magic.

Then we have a Mini-Game Party that’s absolutely fantastic. Theres so much in there, and they all have so much depth and so much Humor within them, it’s a surprise that they havn’t become games in there own. Some are also so bonkers (Take Paper Monkey Sumo -Monkey Sumos fighting Via. The power of tapping with the Remote- for example) that we grinned with glee when we saw them.

The game is also crammed to the brim with secrets, whether its finding all the Banas, only to find SEGA where sneaky enough to add another 10 in there, or discovering that theres a secret tactic in a Mini-Game, theres nothing to stop you inserting it into the Wii to hear the brilliant Menu Screen Start up Music.

But then among the Frustration and the Crying after a death so close to the edge, it’s still happyness that is Banana Blitz’ main point. Theres so many times we’ve smiled in there we’ve turned into the contently-Grinning AiAi, and with that, we leave you to climb into your Ball and buy this game.


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