Friday, December 21, 2007

MySims Wii Review

MySims Wii Review

So, With Animal Crossing Wii Miles off, what do we have to fill our need for Town sims on Wii for now? Well, introducing MySims, the brilliant new game from EA.How does it compare then?

Well, Cast yourself back to our Spectrobes Review, saying that it was incomparable to Pokemon, that it was “The same, only completely different” well, it’s the same story. You can’t realy compare it to Animal Crossing, as it isn’t the Same. Nothing like it. Yet exactly the same. Confused? Well, you shouldn’t be.

Once you play it, you’ll see, and you Will play it, otherwise you’ll clearly have somthing wrong. As it’s the best Game on Wii since Launch with Zelda. Yes, this Beats Resi 4, SSX, Warioware & Mario Strikers. Best game on Wii for almost a Year, Theres an award (Even if Metroid Prime is only a Month away)

But here at Knight-Nui, we’ve played it to death and you should too, as we said, it’s brilliant. Theres so much to do, even though it’s practicaly nothing, it still feels brilliant. You’re doing nothing, but doing Everything at the same time. Onfused again? You shouldn’t be. Basicaly, you’re Designing, Playing, and exploring all at your own pace, but with more advanced stuff for later on, and the ability to build & Cumstomise Everything, something that realy lacks in games such as Animal Crossing.

And the best part is that the Workshop actualy Works. You can build anything, and it’s so easy and so much fun you’ll want to build more so you can customsie your Home even more, even if you hardly spend anytime in it. But you’ll want to, as it’s just brilliant.

Theres also so many things that you build. You’ll have to see some of the Knight-Nui team’s creations, plus some of your won will have to be shown when you’ve bought it, as you will of, as it’s an essential Wii Game…

Yes, Definatly. Theres no stopping you buying this- Money should not be a problem. You surely can get some to buy this. And you must. Seriously, it’s absolutely essential for anyone who owns a Wii. Look out Tom Nook- MySims is going to be taking everyones Cash from the general Public…


A Well-Rounded, Charming, Brillaint game, that’s better then anything on Wii So Far since Zelda.


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