Friday, December 21, 2007

Super Monkey ball: Banana Blitz Review


Back when the Gamecube was launched, we all thought that Super Monkey Ball was an absolutely Brillian idea, and an even better game. We mean, Monkeys. In Balls. In Piuzzles. In some of the best Puzzles ever that is, how much better can it get?

Well, we’ve just found out. Banana Blitz is the best Monkey Ball ever. It’s got everything- Fun Mini-Games, Great puzzling, funny moments, frustrating parts… OK, Perhaps that bit isn’t the best, but that’s what it is about Monkey Ball that keeps pullnig you back. How annoying it is. It strikes a fine balance between Mercury Meltdown Extermely Difficult and Koroinipa Ridiculusly Easy, showing SEGA Have what it takes to create the ultimate Puzzle Game.

The Main game it’s self is the best bit, with the great puzzle levels now with a Boss. In previous Monkey Ball’s a Boss wouldn’t work because the Monkey had no means of attack, but as of Banana Blitz, AiAi & Co. have the ability to Jump, which gives hem a Sonic-Stlye battle of “Find there Weak Spot and Jump on it”.

The Puzzles them self are great, and the last one especialy -Space Case- you’ll never see. Most levels are realy, realy difficult toward the later half of the game. We’re espechialy thinging of the Pirate level and the Lava one’s spirals, which are made even trickier by the Remote, but it’s still good fun.

Now, if you’re starting to get worried because we said that the controls make it harder, don’t fret. It’s a good thing. Most the time they work perfectly, but on occasions (Such as turning corners) it either responds too fast or too slow, which adds a tactical part, do you risk going fast and possibly falling out, but not loosing to the time limit, or going slow but probably running out of time, and risking anything that may be there around the side? That’s the choise you have to make.

Plus, as we mentioned, theres the strongest Party mode in a Monkey Ball to date. This one features 50 Games, which is a lot compared to the previous ones Sub-20, but even if it has more duds, theres more corkers, which is always a good thing.

Highlights include a Brilliant version of Monkey Target (Voted best Monkey Ball Moment ever) plus new ones that range from ridiclus (Paper Monkey Sumo anyone?) to the downright genius (Bowling Monkeys in Balls) even if some of the brillaint ideas don’t work that well with the Remote, theres not that many and overall the 50 Games come out fairing very well.

So then, how does it fair against some of the other early Wii Titles? Very well indeed. Ignoring Zelda (Which we have to say now, don’t we?) It’s the best Wii Launch Game, beating both Red Steel and Wii Sports to the place. Ten Bananas out of Ten.


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